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Have you been feeling lost?

How many times do we actually stop and think? How many hours, days, weeks, months or years have we been in autopilot? Have you come to the time of your life that you simply don’t know what to do?

How does it feel not knowing what to do? How does it feel to be in crossroads?

It is not a pleasant feeling…

The space of feeling lost can be a very bad place but let’s see it in another light…

You can only find and plan your path when you are lost because when you aren’t you are following your path.

It is an uncomfortable place but sometimes it is needed to review your life and priorities.

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How can I help

When you are feeling lost sometimes you need a hand, advice or a different perspective. But be aware, the choices are always yours to take. Nobody can make choices for you. And if people are making choices for you, something is wrong.

Astrology can be very important. When you are born you come to this Earth with certain characteristics. Your physical body, your traits, your personality, your strengths and weaknesses. As you become older those characteristics can change due to many factors such as education and environment but your essence still prevails.

With a natal chart, which is the “map” of your existence I can provide you with good insights about your strengths and weaknesses. Some of them you know, some of them you don’t, some of them you have a hint…

I can help you understand those parts in you in so you can make an informed choice.

Coaching is a very effective tool. It can help you to build the drive, motivation, several possibilities and a new outlook into things. It can also provide new insights and ideas that will allow you to find your path.

Parts therapy as a part of hypnotherapy might have a role to play. With this technique, I can actually understand the parts within you that are in conflict. By doing so, I can help you to understand what they are. Once we know it is easier to harmonize those parts so you are no longer in internal conflict.




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