Stress, anxiety and depression

How can I help

Dealing with stress, anxiety or depression is not a 100m run but a marathon run. The only way to have long-lasting effects is to treat it patiently not having any shortcuts.
Each case is unique and it has different experiences, symptoms, and causes.
First I would have to access the patient to understand their current situation and symptoms. After that, we will work on finding the causes and tackle them. In the meantime, it is important to balance and energize the body so that the patient has the strength to carry on with the treatments. It is also vital to create new lifestyles and change old unhealthy patterns.
This can be done by a mix of therapies where it would probably involve different therapies:

Make sure that you have a follow up with your GP and let me know if you are on anti-depressants or have a diagnosed illness. They can help with the symptoms but if you want to overcome all of this a combined treatment will be more effective with long-lasting effects. 


Hypnotherapy can help to find out causes and balance them in the subconscious as well as changing unhealthy patterns and helping with motivation.


Coaching would put help you to be more disciplined, create healthy habits and help to produce a long term plan for yourself.


CBT can help you to understand erroneous ways of thinking and patterns you might have been unaware of.
It can also help you to reframe each situation and provide you tools to overcome your difficulties.