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What is Parts Therapy?

Parts therapy is a technique in hypnotherapy that allows you to confront different parts of your subconscious that are in disagreement.

Sometimes in our life, we don’t accept certain memories, certain parts of our personality or we simply feel an internal conflict.

With this technique, I can help you solve parts in you that need a resolution that sometimes not even you are aware of.

Holistic Coach - Parts Therapy

How does Parts Therapy work?

As a therapist, I will help you to become more confident and aware of the different areas you need to work on and resolve any internal conflicts you might have.

Is it a goal you need to achieve? What is stopping you from achieving that goal?

Is it a situation that is unresolved?

Is it a part of your personality you would like to work on?

Is it some internal uneasiness?


There are some steps that we will work on therapy:

  • Identifying and acknowledging the different parts
  • Providing a clear line of communications between the different parts
  • Understanding the purpose of each part
  • Reaching an agreement between the parts
  • Integrating the different parts


What can Parts Therapy help you with?

This type of therapy can be very useful in different areas, especially if, with deeper issues, it is aligned with regression therapy. These therapies combined can have great results and help with the following situations:

  • Stop smoking
  • Drinking
  • Addictions
  • Internal conflict
  • Unresolved trauma
  • Bad habits
  • Gambling


Please note that this a technique of hypnotherapy and might need to be combined with different techniques that I provide.



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