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Do you have difficulties in having a healthy weight?

Sometimes we don’t have the weight that we wanted to. Sometimes we don’t have the figure we wanted to. Sometimes we overeat without thinking. Sometimes we eat healthily but the weight doesn’t come down. Sometimes we do a lot of sports but the weight doesn’t come down. The question is: what will you do about it?


How can I help you with your weight control?

As I mentioned earlier, weight issues can come in many forms.

The physical aspect is very important like eating healthy and doing sports. Nonetheless, sometimes it is not enough as there might deeper psychological issues that need to be addressed. As much as the person tries, the person can’t reach the potential that they have.

Hypnotherapy can be used in many different ways. This depends on the patient. It is always about each specific case. I can use regression therapy, parts therapy or hypno gastric band or a combination of the three techniques. Each case is unique.

Holistic Coach - Gastric Band

What is hypno gastric band?

There is a surgical procedure done by many clinics and the NHS called Gastric Band. Gastric band is used for cases of obesity and morbid obesity. It is a gastric band that is surgically implanted in the stomach to make it smaller. If the stomach is smaller you won’t have the will to eat that much anymore therefore losing weight.

Now, imagine that you can have that gastric band without the surgical procedure. A hypno gastric band is a technique in hypnotherapy. Whilst in a deeply relaxed state, you are suggested that a gastric band is fitted around your stomach.

This is very strong because the subconscious has a self-defense mechanism that only accepts positive suggestions.  If your subconscious knows this it will give your brain orders not to feel hungry as before.


Please note that each case is unique therefore each one needs a different approach.


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