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Do you have any sleep problems?

Do you find hard to fall asleep? Do you have insomnias? Do you stay in bed, twist and turn and can’t get any sleep?

Did you know that one in three people in the UK has sleep problems? It is not uncommon.

In today’s world with all the stress and anxiety of modern society, it is not uncommon for us to have difficulty to sleep.

Many years ago, when we didn’t have social media, laptops, TV’s and even electric devices sleeping wasn’t that much of a problem.

These days with all the technology that keeps you awake, it is sometimes hard to disconnect. Adding to that the stress and anxiety of modern-day society, you have a cocktail that will make you awake and unable to sleep.

Holistic Coach - Sleep problems

How can I help?

Each case is a case, but I could use a combination of techniques to help you sleep.

Hypnotherapy is very useful to relax and to provide positive commands to the brain. By having these systems and relaxation processes in your mind is a great start.  It would help to know the causes of why you can’t sleep.

If we know the cause, we can go to the root of the problem or problems.

Coaching is very useful to provide tips on how to have better sleep. It helps to build positive habits that need to be reinforced.

Healing, on the other hand, helps to balance our energy field. If our energy field is balanced, the causes are tackled, the positive commands are given and the habits are put into place it is very likely that you will start sleeping properly again.


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