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Have you ever suffered from panic attacks?

Have you had attacks of intense anxiety? Did your body start shaking? Your heart racing? Sweaty palms? Fast breathing? Felt nausea? Dry mouth? Dizziness?

If you had some of these symptoms combined it is possible that you had a panic attack… It is frightening, to say the least, as it seems like your body is out of control.

The attacks can last between 5 and 30 minutes.

When you are having one of those, one of the things you must always have in mind is to remember to breathe calmly. This might seem what you least want to do though…

What can cause panic attacks?

Research has been done but it is inconclusive. It can be genetic but one of the main reasons is life changes.

This can be a change or loss of a job;  leaving college; getting married; loss of a relationship; loss of a loved one; having your first child etc.

The changes can be good or bad, but they are a rupture to what you had pre-established in your life. Internally this shakes up things because the mind doesn’t like change so it will respond.

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How can I help?

With hypnotherapy, I can help you to cope with the panic attacks. More importantly, I can help you to manage the stress and anxiety that lies behind an attack. If we can get to the causes of the attacks it is much easier to tackle them.

With shamanic practices, I can help you to balance your energy points. With those balanced, you will be stronger and less prone to have panic attacks.

Coaching can also play a role in these. As a coach, I will be able to provide you with different options on how to deal with stress and anxiety.



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