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Are you afraid of public speaking?

How many times did you freeze during a presentation? Do you feel anxious before and during public speaking? Just the fact that you are in front of an audience makes you cringe and nervous?

This is not uncommon especially at work and in the corporate world.  You can be excellent at doing your job. You can be the specialist of the company. You can have all the skills that you want. But when it comes the time to present it, to do some public speaking you freeze, choke, get jitters, get nervous, sweaty palms etc.

It is not ok for that to happen but there are tips and help that I can give you.

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How can I help?

I had many experiences in the corporate world. I worked for many years in bigger and smaller companies in the UK and in Portugal.

I also had to do many presentations and present workshops for many different audiences. These could be clients, colleagues or people I’ve never seen before.

From experience, it can be daunting. With practice, knowledge of techniques and using the therapy skills I overcame that fear.

When I worked at Google Digital Garage in Edinburgh as a coach, I have trained many people and did a lot of workshops. My favourite one was: presentations for work.

Using my experience and using coaching I can give you tips regarding your voice, manners, how to calm yourself and be in control and learn how to “read a room”.

Using hypnotherapy, I can help you to relax yet focus when doing a presentation or public speaking. I can help you to understand the triggers cause anxiety or fear as well as create a relaxed yet focused state of mind.

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