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What is chronic pain?

The definition of chronic pain is a pain that lasts for at least 12 weeks.

It can come in different ways, it can be sharp or persistent or burn or causing aching… It varies as each case is different.

Many people have chronic pain but they decide to ignore it and it will hopefully go away… Other people have long term conditions where they have this pain for years.

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How does chronic pain affect your life?

It changes everything.

When you have ongoing, nagging pain everything in your life changes. Your mood changes as you struggle to be happy and cope. Your motivation changes as sometimes you feel like you are fighting a battle that can’t be won. Your habits change as you have to “incorporate” how to manage the pain. Your schedule changes as sometimes you have to cancel or avoid activities because you can’t deal with the pain.

How can I help?

When you have chronic pain you will do everything you can in order to erase, dimish or cope with that pain.

Your view on life completely changes, therefore, your life changes as it is limited by that pain.

It is time to release yourself from the pain or at least soothe it.

Hypnotherapy can help you in different ways. We can sometimes look for the cause in order to understand it and maybe that can help. Sometimes we can take a look at the symptoms and  I can help you relax and cope with the pain. The possibilities are out there but each case is a case.

Shamanic healing can have a very good effect on coping with pain. Because we are dealing with energy, the energy transference can be quite soothing and at the time it might calm down the pain.

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