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“Had an amazing experience with Paulo . He is very knowledgeable of his art, astrology, and the work he has done with me has been amazing . Highly recommend him!” – Pedro Fiuza


I had two sessions with Paulo. He has a very high knowledge in astrology and regression hypnotherapy. He can understand very quickly your essence and the result is brilliant. You can let yourself go with his help. 
I highly recommended Paulo!” – Amparo Navarro Perez


I had a very valuable reading with Paulo, his analysis of my essential nature was insightful, and he very quickly got to the Heart of the matter of what is the central most important issue in my life right now, those things that I really need to pay attention to! Thank you Paulo, it was spot on. I highly recommend Paulo’s intuition and insight!” – Jhaden Shaler



“I am extremely grateful for all the help with my driving anxieties. I feel that the sessions with Paulo have equipped me with several different tools to deal with my stress issues. Not only with driving specifically but also an overall improvement in how I deal with stress and anxiety in other areas of my life. It is really very startling the difference it can make!” – Emma Kettles

“I am very grateful to Paulo for supporting me to successfully carry out my work presentation in Rio de Janeiro with a positive and professional attitude.It was very challenging for me due to the deep and technical topic related, and especially because of the presence of a major audience. Through the therapies I could manage, control my anxieties as a result of the pressure of the moment, and the most important I  felt relaxed in order to remember all the areas to discuss and address properly the lecture.

Thank you very much Paulo” – Joselime Perdomo


“I had 3 hypnotherapy sessions with Paulo to help me with my migraines. Paulo explored different techniques and after the first and final one I have seen a drastic reduction of my migraines and an absence of pressure around the right eye, which I tended to feel most days. This has lasted for 3 months with a 80% reduction in migraine occurrence and 50% in migraine strength.

After 3 months and with extra pressure from work, a couple of strong migraines have occurred again but they were isolated and I have not had any since. This is a major improvement compared to the last 3 years where migraines had become incapacitating and the effect of the hypnotherapy was very clear to me within the first week. I would strongly recommend Paulo as a hypnotherapist as he is someone who you can trust, feel comfortable with and who also seems to have a very good tone of voice for the job.

I feel that he has helped me a great deal in very little time while for a long time while GPs had only been able to treat the symptoms with very strong medicine. This is a good way to find the source of your problem and try to find your inner balance to be stronger. Hypnotherapy was not a treatment I would have thought to seek in the past but I now recommend it (done by Paulo) without reservation.”- Cate Boscher


“Hi Paulo, thank you very much for the hypnotherapy you have given me recently.
At the time I was struggling with motivating myself to work on a business venture I am beginning.  Following your hypnotherapy sessions I felt a hundred percent more motivated and achieved all the work that I had planned to do prior to showing the business idea to my dad.  Success!
Paulo is an exceptional hypnotherapist and has recently helped me greatly to commit to an endeavor that just never seemed to happen.  Prior to Paulo no one (and a few have tried) had ever successfully hypnotized me.   It was a pleasure to finally have success in Paulo’s sessions and to see what hypnotherapy can really do for me.  A professional session with an informal relaxed feel. 

Thank you very much.” – Steve James

“I had 3 sessions of hypnotherapy with Paulo over a period of a couple of months  with the goal of finding motivation to start running again. The session itself was like nothing I have experienced in the past. I have had several regressions before and never felt that I really went deep into them. Paulo has a great voice for relaxation and took the time to make sure I was in a deeply relaxed state using several techniques for distracting the conscious mind. I was very impressed with the hypnotic effect even though I am still aware of the journey.

I have had several changes happen as a direct result of the regression I have felt more confident and subsequently went out running several times. I also had some family stuff come up for me which I was able to deal with, although its fair to say it probably will never be fully dealt with, I have been able to accept that position and move on.

It is hard to put an objective measure against what the benefits of the therapy have been I would say though that my confidence level for running has gone from 0% to 100% because I have now been and done it, whereas prior to the therapy I felt unable to. 

Thank you Paulo”- John Jones

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