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Have you tried to Stop Smoking?

Have you tried to stop smoking in the past?

Do you know how much your health is affected by smoking? I am sure you know that smoking can cause several types of cancer; infertility; strokes among other illnesses.

Did you know how much money you spend if you smoke 1 pack of cigarettes a day? It will cost you around £63 a week, £270 a month or £3,240 a year!

Check how much money are you spending a year on smoking.

If you think about the money you could save, it will be enough for a cruise in the Caribbean for 2 people for 10 days! There is the holiday money you could save…

Holistic Coach - Stop Smoking

I can help you to  Stop Smoking!

The human brain is a complex system and the majority of our behaviour is learned and we do this unconsciously,  imagine if we could re-program you to stop smoking?

Many times smoking is an outcome of anxiety or any feeling that has has been repressed. Other times it has become a learned behaviour.

With hypnotherapy, I can tap into your unconscious and re-program it to help you stop smoking.

What does it involve?

I will use hypnotherapy to help you to overcome this habit. I can also use healing and coaching depending on each case.

I will access each situation and devise a plan to better suit each patient.

Each case is an individual case and I treat it as such. I pride myself on dealing with each patient thoroughly in order to achieve long-lasting results. I never look for a quick fix as I believe in definitive results.


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