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How my healing path started…

I started my healing journey almost 16 years ago. At the time I was curious about how energies worked. Reiki was the first experience I had in my healing journey. I found it amazing due to the new concept introduced: “how can we energize one another”. It was my first contact with Chakras and the energetic body.

Holistic Coach - Reiki

Hands healing – Reiki

In 2003 I felt the need to know more and I studied Hypnotherapy and Regression. I have done many sessions and helped people along the way. In 2013 I decided to increase my knowledge and studied Analytical Hypnotherapy. That gave me an in-depth knowledge of hypnotherapy techniques that worked the mind very effectively. This knowledge allowed me to help and heal several people working more on the mental aspect of the patient.

Hypnotherapy is well known for its effectiveness in dealing with past traumas, pain management, anxiety, behavioral change among other conditions. The NHS itself recommends hypnotherapy for certain treatments. I found it very effective with my patients in the healing process.

Holistic Coach - Energy Healing

Holistic Coach – Energy Healing

In 2017 I started a Shamanism practitioner course based on the ancient native-American tradition. Shamanism helps to unlock the hidden potential of the soul and to access doors in your spirit. Balancing the energies of the body by accessing the soul is an extremely effective tool in the healing process.

Holistic Coach - Extraction

Holistic Coach – Extraction

Now I feel I have quite a unique set of skills learned throughout the years as I have created my own method.

Joining Reiki, Hypnotherapy and Shamanic Healing I will provide high quality and effectiveness in healing and increase self-awareness in the patient.

I feel now that my treatments are more complete than ever. My work includes the mental aspect of hypnotherapy by providing depth in relaxation. It also works the energetic body with Reiki. Shamanism allows for the patient to be in touch with his soul opening doors and unlocking traumas that were previously hidden.


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