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 What is regression therapy?

Regression therapy is a very effective technique in hypnotherapy that allows the patient to understand certain situations that have an influence currently in their lives.

The objective is to bring to light situations that the subconscious has kept hidden.

Many traumas are hidden in the subconscious and the majority of the times we are not aware of them. By bringing them to light, accepting and forgiving internally certain situations we can then release traumas or situations that affect our life.

Please note that in these sessions you are always in control and remember everything.

Holistic Coach - Regression Therapy

How effective is regression therapy?

Due to the fact that you are in a very relaxed state, with a very experienced therapist you can access these memories and bring them to consciousness.  As I have done many regression therapy sessions, I’ve witnessed the results first hand and the results were all positive and highly effective.

Learned behaviors, traumas, and bad habits come from the past and, regardless of what they were, I will help the patient to clearly understand them, forgive oneself and a situation and letting go.

For example, if you have a phobia about clowns, and you can’t explain it, your subconscious will probably guide us to a situation in your childhood where you were scared by a clown and your subconscious took that as the truth.

Our childhood and past experiences are normally very relevant to many situations in our life we can’t explain as well as fears, traumas, physical symptoms among others.

I always say that you are more afraid of what you don’t know than what you know.

Past lives and regression therapy

I was asked many times about past lives and if they really exist and how can they influence the current life.

The past, if not resolved properly, will influence our current life. In a session, we will definitely deal with situations that happened in this life but one can never tell if there are situations in a past life as it is up to the patient subconscious.

It is not relevant if you believe in past lives, it is completely up to your belief system, but it doesn’t matter as long as the problem gets solved.

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