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Every month from now on I will write a post about the different star signs.

This month we will talk about Scorpio and what does it mean to be a Scorpio.

Before we start I would like to point out that this is a very general analysis of a Star sign and there are millions of combinations possible, so I would advise taking this with a pinch of salt.

Scorpio Star Sign- Holistic Coach


My teacher, mentor, guide, Antonio Rosa used to say that astrology only accounts for 25% of our life, the other 25% is based on upbringing and society; 25% more is based on genetics and the final 25% is based on freedom of choice.

He always used to say that the woman or man in Africa born in poverty at a zone of war didn’t have a Natal Chart as the 50% of her life is already hard due to the existing conditions.

I thought that mentioning this subject was important to demystify astrology and especially because we are talking about Scorpio.   


Scorpio is the 8th sign of the zodiac and a water sign which means that is highly connected with the emotional side of life. 

It is also a fixed sign which means that the energy that this star sign carries is very stable. So overall it means it is very fixed in terms of emotion. The deep emotions are what excites them. 

The regent planet of this star sign, which means the planet that carries more strength over this star sign is Pluto, followed by Mars as co-regent!  In astrology terms, Pluto is still a planet regardless of what Neil Degrasse Tyson says…

Scorpio Star Sign- Holistic Coach

In terms of physical anatomy, the areas of the body of Scorpio are genital organs, bladder, and bowels!

A Scorpio is what my teacher would call a cold emotional… inside bursting with feelings and outside cold as ice.

They are intense, focused and when they commit to something it is hard to stop them… the main problem is for them to commit to something.


Their willpower is something to behold as well as their tenacity.

Because they are a fixed sign they don’t give up, they just keep going even if a situation gets ugly.

Unlike many other star signs, they thrive when a situation gets ugly as they have no problems in going to the darkest places on earth.

The Scorpio also means regeneration, death, and sex, so when the more enlightened Scorpios as they have the ability to transform a negative situation in a positive quite easily.

A note to the wiser, you DON’T want to be on a Scorpio bad side…



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