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Do you suffer from headaches or migraines?

A migraine is normally a moderate or severe headache. You can also feel sick and you might feel oversensitive to light and sound.

Did you know that there are around  6 million people that suffer from migraines in the UK? We are talking about more than 10% of the UK population. These numbers can be quite scary.

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How to deal with migraines?

According to the NHS, there is a different medication that you can take to battle the symptoms.  They also say that are different causes that can migraines like stress, fatigue, certain types of food or drink.  There are also ways to be able to reduce or prevent them like sports; meals, sleep and good habits.

But sometimes the triggers run deeper than this…

How can I help?

It is vital to have a combined treatment in order to reduce significantly headaches and migraines.

Sometimes certain situations can trigger migraines. Some of those triggers can be related to past experiences. Be aware that this is not always the case. The fact is that our mind controls a lot of conscious behaviours and even physical symptoms.  With hypnotherapy, we can look at these triggers and identify them. We can also understand what is imbalanced in your state of mind that causes the migraines.

Shamanic practices can be very beneficial especially if combined with hypnotherapy.  As it is basically an energy treatment, it will balance the different aspects of your overall energy. This will allow the energy to flow more freely not being blocked in specific regions. It will provide relaxation and a sense of calm.




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