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Are we just sheep lead to a pasture  and we don’t have control of our lives? Or are we master and commander of our own destiny and every aspect of it?

The right answer is we are both and we are none.

My good friend, master, and teacher Antonio Rosa taught me that the subtle art of co-creation was like riding the wave of life instead of being dragged by the wave or fighting the wave.

That sounds over simplistic by being a surfer on our lives in order to reach glimpses of happiness but in reality it is that simple.

If you picture your life like a computer game were you are the player and you face adversities, the choices you make you make are your own and are very important and they will define what the outcome will be. Nonetheless you are limited to the game environment and can only reach what is possible within your game.

When you co-create you are fulfilling your so-called destiny but within your terms not anyone else’s and that is where choice plays a big part because there is nothing worse than having the outcome of someone else’s choice.

Sometimes it is unavoidable, specially when life throws you a curve ball, but the way you react to that curve ball and the choices you make are part of the true wisdom of your life.

Co-creating is an art where you have the choice to improve your life within certain circumstances you have no control of. It’s not like you are playing God because you can’t control everything but you are the God’s buddy in your life. You are his co-pilot while driving in your life.

Make choices that come from your heart, that are felt inside, listen to your gut feeling and that positive voice within, smile in the front of adversity and play an important part in your life.

Is life always peachy? The answer is no, it isn’t but it is up to you to find the hidden gems in your life by making choices from your heart or your soul.

Surf is up, ride the wave of your life.


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