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About Paulo

Paulo  da Costa is a hypnotherapist specialising in regression therapy and a  high-frequency healer, astrologer and life coach

Paulo da Costa has a genuine passion for helping and healing people.  He uniquely combines the ancient knowledge of Astrology where he can see your past, current situation and future trends; guide with the action of coaching and help and heal with a combination of Shamanic Practices, Hypnotherapy and Reiki.

Paulo´s journey

His journey started back in 1990 in Portugal where he started to have intense episodes of pain, weakness and vomiting without any apparent reason. After many years of trying several doctors and alternative doctors and finding no answer to these monthly episodes.

In 1999, due to his degree in Public Relations and Advertising, he started to work in Media and Marketing.

In 2000, Paulo started to open his mind to different types of healing techniques something that, at the time, he was quite sceptical of.

He started to read about astrology, hypnotherapy, reiki among other healing techniques.

In 2002 he took the first level of Reiki and the passion and thirst for knowledge started to grow.

In 2003 he studied astrology with Antonio Rosa, one of the most prestigious and knowledgeable astrologers in the country and also studied Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression with the most recognised hypnotherapist in Portugal at the time: Alberto Lopes.

This knowledge helped Paulo to understand and cope better with this unknown disease.

In 2006, he was finally diagnosed with a chronic condition called Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome and that was the time when he moved from Portugal to Scotland.

Although he worked in Marketing related jobs for many years, Paulo has never stopped from giving occasional appointments to friends and acquaintances.

He has given many Astrology and Hypnotherapy sessions and he decided in 2013 to study Life Coaching Skills and Hypnotherapy in the UK.

Something was missing of extreme importance, in 2017 Paulo started to take a course of Shamanic Practitioner which he finished in 2018 and that was all he needed to feel empowered to help and heal patients from a very high-frequency place.

It is the unique combination of skills that makes him unique.


Paulo is bilingual in English and Portuguese as well as being fluent in Spanish.


  • Shamanic Practitioner – Tormain Centre – 2018
  • Analytical Hypnotherapy – HypnoPerth – 2013
  • Advanced Life Coaching  Skills – Stonebridge College – 2013
  • Astrology – Seres de Luz – 2003
  • Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression – Alberto Lopes –  2003
  • Reiki Level I – Joao Cruz – 2002


  • Mental Health First Aid – NHS – 2020
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