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In the astrology world we always hear about the expression “Mercury retrograde” but “Venus retrograde always exist.

Let’s first try and understand what is the power of Venus and what does retrograde means.

Venus is the Goddess of Love and it rules both Libra and Taurus, therefore, it represents both love (when in Libra) and money/ self-esteem (when in Taurus).

Venus rules the pleasure of life, charm, artistic inclinations, how we love and what we like. Things that give us pleasure. When in Libra is a pleasure more connected with love and partnership and when in Taurus is more connected with pleasures like eating and material aspect of life like money. Please note that  I am just mentioning these two planets because Venus rules these two planets.

Venus also rules the attachments we have to others like partnerships and its energy is normally harmonious.

On the other hand, let’s focus on what it means for a planet to be retrograde.

Every planet in the star system goes around the sun at their own speed so every planet moves forward. A retrograde movement is an apparent change in the movement of the planet. In reality, it doesn’t go forward but as we live on Earth, for now, the position of Earth towards that planet makes that the planet seems to be going backward. This means that the effect that Venus will have will not be positive and they can affect negatively the area of love, partnerships and financial matters.

Venus is retrograde around 40 days every 18 months.

Because Venus is the planet of love when Venus is retrograde it is normally not advised during this time for people to get married or start a relationship as well as having any time of financial endeavours. The reason is that both Libra (partnerships) and Taurus (physical pleasures) are ruled by Venus.

This year Venus retrograde starts on the 5th of October at the 10th degree of Scorpio for 40 days until the 25th degree of Libra on the 16th November 2018.

What does this mean?

Being retrograde is always a test, but with every test, an opportunity arises. Make sure that during this time you should review your love life and relationships. 

Especially it being in Scorpio to start with, which means that a great deal of change and needed transformation might occur. As Scorpio rules transformation, sex, death and our most intimate desires there is a great depth during this time. It can go either way depending on our mindset. You might experience obsession and very intense feelings as well some possible frustration about the desire of something you always wanted but never had.

This might also lead to some intense desires that are in your psyche that.

With Venus retrograde in Libra, the scenario is a bit different as the onus changes from the deep secret desires to the relationships.

You want to understand what your partner needs and how to find balance…. after all, Venus is in Libra. 

It might not be easy but like any other thing in life but there is a silver lining. 

There is an opportunity for you to understand what is important in the relationship and how to evolve as a person and as a partner.

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